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Purchaser Agrees To The Following Conditions of Sale

1) Under no circumstances will this cat be rehomed, leased, released, or given to any pet shop, laboratory or shelter  facility. We hope you are satisfied with your kitten or adult cat purchased from us. However if you are not. Please return the kitten or retired adult cat to us within 48 hours of purchase( travel expense is your responsibility) please note you will be refunded all payment  of the purchase price. Any fees incurred by use of Paypal or amount of deposit will not be refunded. The refund  may not be readily available and may take up to 30 days by money order through regular Postal Service so please provide your mailing address. If kitten or retired adult cat is not returned to seller by said time seller is not obligated to return any money.if the buyer did not put down a deposit and (just pays in full) at time of pick up, then they will be refunded all purchase price, except for 100.00. 

2) Adequate indoor sanitary facilities will be provided and this cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors.

3) If this cat is found to be neglected or of in ill health for an unreasonable length of time, or ever seized by a Humane Society or like organization, purchases will surrender said cat and ownership of said cat to seller unconditionally.

4) The cat is purchased as (quality) Show Breeder Premier Pet:Terms defined:

a) Show: Shown in prime condition, cat should achieve Grand Championship.

B) Breeder: Because of a significant flaw or less overall type, cat is very unlikely to achieve Grand Championship; however, lineage and overall quality indicate the possibility of producing quality progeny.

C) Premier: a cat to be shown as a neuter or spay

D) Purchased as a Pet: a cat that is not to be used for breeding under any circumstance. Kitten or adult cat  will most likely be spayed or neutered,  micro-chipping is recommended  this cost  varies through Veterinarian services. Microchipping may help your cat be returned to you if he/she is accidentally lost or stolen.

5) 2nd condition : If purchased as Pet, and kitten or cat is not spayed or neutered by breeder due to unforeseen circumstances the  purchaser agrees to neuter or spay this cat by his/her  6 mo. of age birthday  or within 15  days after purchase  of an adult cat, and agrees  this cat will not be used for breeding. If purchaser does  use the cat  for breeding without permission from breeder the new owner will need to pay  the breeder 1500.00  immediately.

6) Purchaser agrees to seek veterinary care for this cat for routine care or any incidental illnesses throughout its lifetime.

7) Purchaser agrees to keep cat isolated from other animals in the home until cat is inspected by a vet.

8) Purchaser agrees that should they wish to relinquish ownership of the cat/kitten at any point during its life, the Purchaser will first offer the cat to the Seller at no cost beyond transportation. Thus, Seller has “first right of refusal.

” Seller Agrees To The Following Conditions Of Sale

1) Health Guarantee for pet purchase: To the best of the Seller's knowledge, Purchaser is receiving a healthy cat/kitten, free of internal and external parasites, infectious disease,  or life-threatening congenital defects. To validate this Guarantee, Purchaser must have his/her own veterinarian inspect said cat within 2  business days of purchase and if any illness is found, Purchaser must contact Seller with full vet report, and may at his/her option,  1) return said cat to Seller for full refund this must take place immediately and at new owners travel expense;Option:#  2) return said cat to Seller for replacement cat/kitten if available. If seller does not have a replacement kitten buyer will be asked to get on a wait  list for a suitable replacement.If a veterinarian other than one of  Seller's choice institutes any treatment or administer any medications, this guarantee is null and void.

Please Note!!! Most adult cats  carry Herpes virus aka rhinotracheitis virus, often with no symptoms.  The kittens may be infected and may  "break" with it when stressed such as when they go to a new home.  This is usually about the time the maternal immunity that they got from their mother begins to wane. The illness is  usually not  severe and will usually clear up fairly quickly, L-lysine gel is very helpful to treat the Herpes cat  virus. Sometimes  after diagnosis the kitten may need oral antibiotic therapy and eye antibiotic therapy to prevent bacterial secondary infection from  traveling from nose/eye area to lungs, which could be potentially life threatening in very young kittens.

The new owner may want to seek information  about   pet health insurance, to the best of my knowledge  plans are available  through different companies. The  Veterinarian office of buyers choice may have   information  on this topic. Very young kittens immune system can  take several months to develop.  Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary  emergency/non emergency bills.

3) Since this cat/kitten is a living creature, Seller cannot guarantee the lifetime span or health of this animal throughout his/her lifespan, nor that he/she  will not contract a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection illness anytime during his/her lifespan..

4) If this kitten/cat is sold with breeding rights,and/or show rights  Seller does not guarantee the show or breeding performance due to the fact the cat is a living creature.

5) Purchaser's and Seller”s signatures indicate full agreement and approval of all above conditions

6) Seller cannot guarantee the kitten or cat will not have  any dental issues during his/her lifetime. Bite and Jaw alignment may or may not shift during a kitten/cats lifespan.

7)  Deposit taken to hold a kitten until picked up or delivered is as follows, amount of deposit depends on terms of sale price discussed between both seller and buyer. If sale is terminated by   breeder   for any reason the full amount of deposit will be refunded within 30 days. If buyer terminates this contract because of hardship or for any  reason no deposit will be returned.  No exceptions will be made!!!  

(Signature of Purchaser)

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Email and Mobile phone: Oakvillage@yahoo.com



*Please note : You may or may not agree with this, but it is our best intentions to share information. Seller does not recommend the FIP or FeLV ( Feline Luekemia) vaccine; as these vaccines have been deemed to cause illness or death  to purebred cats.
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